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Technical data

Description of the main floor plan

E4 is a big, 186- metre building combining tradition with modernity. Floor plan of the building is a connection of simplicity and functionality. The house has been designed as two-storey one so as to separate day and night zone (which functions as a private one).


The key element of the main floor is a large living room functioning as a salon and dining room at the same time. A big kitchen is open up to the living room, which improves functionality of these rooms. Moreover, there is a pantry next to the kitchen, and as a result, we can save much space. Both these rooms are very well illuminated, making the interior spacious and warm.

Additionally, there is a game room on the main floor, which can be changed into a bedroom or a study. A bathroom is situated on the north side, emphasizing building energy-efficiency and providing comfort of utilization.

The way to a garage has been arranged very functionally. There is no need to go outside in order to get to the garage because we can go there through a boiler room. It is especially useful when the weather conditions  are not favourable.

Upper floor plan description

On the upper floor, there is a big master bedroom with a separate bathroom, making our comfort much bigger. There are also two smaller bedrooms on the west side, a bathroom, and a closet, which is available for all occupants.


All bedrooms are lightened with standard windows and roof ones. But the closet is lightened only with a roof window. It is possible to get to the terrace from a hall and a master bedroom so every occupant can take advantage of terrace’s appeal. 

Detail description

Heat conductivity (coefficient U) in well-designed building for individual partitions should be at similar level in order to limit heat losses caused by the weakest partition.

This is the reason why each partition in Ecoline is as good as other ones in the same building.

 Pitched roof
(U=0,117, U=0,1, U=0,086)
1 Ceramic roof tile/concrete roof tile It depends on the type
2 Wind insulation 3 mm
3 KVH structural timber/ mineral wool 29 cm, 34 cm, 39 cm
4 OSB board 1.8 cm
5 Plasterboard  1.25 cm


External wall
(U=0,126, U=0,112, U=0,088)
A Elevation made of plaster/timber It depends on the type
B Fiberglass mesh covered with adhesive 3 mm
C Mineral wool Fasrock Rockwool 5 cm, 8 cm, 16 cm
D OSB board 1.2 cm
E Vapour-permeable foil 2 mm
F KVH structural timber/ mineral wool 22 cm
G Wood foam/ Steico Flex insulation board 5 cm
H Vapour barrier film 2 mm
I OSB board 1.2 cm
J Plasterboard 1.25 cm
Intermediate floor
I Ceramic tiles/parquet floor/flooring panels It depends on the type
II Adhesive  3 mm
III Screed  6 cm
IV Underfloor heating -
V EPS Foam (Expanded Polystyrene) 5 cm
VI OSB board 1.8 cm
VII KVH structural timber/mineral wool 24 cm
VIII OSB board 1.2 cm
IX Plasterboard 1.25 cm
Base partition
(U=0,123, U=0,102, U=0,886)
a Ceramic tiles/parquet floor/flooring panels It depends on the type
b Adhesive  3 mm
c Screed  6 cm
d Underfloor heating -
e EPS Foam (Expanded Polystyrene) 5 cm
f Tar roofing 3 mm
g Slab foundation about 20 cm
h Extruded polystyrene foam (EXP) 20 cm, 25 cm, 30 cm
i Polyethylene foil 2 mm
j Ground for slab foundation -




Basic building data


Building data Quantity *
Length 16,48 m
Width 10,92 m
Height 8,45 m
Living area 186,53 m2
Bonus space 75,72 m2
Gross floor area 155,28 m2
Window framing area 34,52 m2
Roof area 147,26 m2
House volume 899,32 m3


* above data can differ depending on chosen standard, type of ground and individual arrangements