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North elevation

A distinctive feature of E3 is its covered porch located in the entrance zone. As a consequence, the building gains more dynamic and modern form. At the same time, we obtain roof against rain and protection against wind. 

East elevation

Heat buffer is created by applying the covered porch. Its role is to lower heat losses in order to save financial outlays at the same time. Delicate glazings on the north side show immediately that E3 is an energy-efficient building. 

South elevation

A very distinguishing, two-coloured elevation imparts expressive image to this building and stresses its minimalist architecture. Fiber-cement panels, used as elevation, give some kind of rhythm and emphasize proportions of this building. The rear of the building is turned towards sun to gain as much sun heat as possible. 

West elevation

The upper terrace, equipped with a modern glass balustrade, imparts a sense of lightness and elegance. The balustrade, which is set back towards north elevation, gives a more dynamic form and increases the sense of privacy while utilizing. Large square-shaped glazed areas on the south side  emphasize cube body of the building.