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Price list

The building is available at prices shown below. The price is dependent on chosen standard. Each of Ecoline standards possesses a wide range of internal equipment (technical installations), external and internal finishing as well as additional elements. 

Price list of general equipment:

Building price dependent on the variant Elegance Exclusive Elite
Total cost for the building 157 102 € 179 964 €  203 412 €
Building price per square metre 1340 € / m2 1535 € / m2 1735 € / m2


Ecoline standards Elegance Exclusive Elite
Heat transfer coefficient U=0,13 W/m2*K U=0,11 W/m2*K U=0,09 W/m2*K


General Elegance Exclusive Elite
Carrying out of building design
Assembly of the building and all elements included in the package
Garage in the price of house (if included in the building design)
Transport of elements to their destination up to 1000 km from seat of the company1
Carrying out of insulated slab foundation adjusted to coefficient U of the partitions Individual Individual Individual



Table of exterior finishing of a building:


Finishing of exterior elevation Elegance Exclusive Elite
Elevation completely covered with plaster
Elevation completely covered with Siberian larch wood
Elevation completely covered with fibre-cement slabs
Mixed elevation


Window and door frames2 Elegance Exclusive Elite
Windows of the heat transfer coefficient for the whole window U=1,4 W/m2*K Non-advisable Non-advisable Non-advisable
Windows of the heat transfer coefficient for the whole window U=0,9 W/m2*K
Windows varnished on one side
Windows varnished on both sides + 30 €* + 30 €*
Manually-operated roller-blinds on all windows
Electrically-operated roller-blinds on all windows + 60 €*   + 60 €*
Steel entrance door
Garage door


Type of roof covering Elegance Exclusive Elite
Modular roofing tiles
Standing seam sheet metal roofing
Ceramic roof tiles/bituminous roofing paper3
Roof drainage system made of galvanized steel together with roof flashing
Steel roof drainage system  together with roof flashing


Table of installation equipment:


Installation kits converting energy 4 Elegance Exclusive Elite
Fireplace for wood Non-advisable  Non-advisable 
Pellet/wood stove + electric boiler
Condensing boiler + solar panels
Air heat pump + photovoltaic panels
Wind power station up to 5 kW + 120 €* + 120 €*
Ground source heat pump + photovoltaic panels + 180 €*



Interior installations     Elegance Exclusive Elite
Electric installation + LAN and lightning protection system
Mechanical ventilation with heat recovery4
Radiator central heating
Underfloor water heating
Mixed heating  
Water treatment plant
Recycling system of greywater  + 100 €* + 100 €* 
Reclaim system of rainwater  + 110 €* + 110 €* 


 Standard equipment
 Equipment alternative to standard equipment   
 Unavailable equipment
1 - the distance measured along  possibly the shortest way including trunk roads and ones of higher standard
2 - total area of window frames together with entry door constitutes 40% of living area
3 - used on a flat roof
4 - power of installation kit is tailored individually depending on chosen set and users’ needs
* - extra charge in this price list is calculated for  1m² of living area