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North elevation

E1 is a typical example of modernist architecture. The most visible attribute of this house is its characteristic and bold body.
Two essential aspects can be distinguished here: plaster elevation which is stuck out more outside and wooden elevation backed up relative to the plaster one. 

East elevation

Wooden elevation, which is backed up relative to external building contour, creates a lot of terraces constituting covered porches at the same time. 

In this way, bold style of the building has been emphasized. 

South elevation

This design has practical function as well because it prevents the building from overheating caused by big insolation. 
E1 works well in places of big amount of sun and in places where the users can derive joy from the terrace even on cloudy and rainy day. 

West elevation

White plaster, in combination with natural colour of timber, emphasizes modernist style of the building, valued by its simplicity and beauty.