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Simplicity and functionality

Comfort- the essence of your own house

E3 building, as big and modern, has very convenient layout of living zones.


Elevation is so impressive that you cannot pass it by indifferently. 


Large area of glass panels, located mainly on the south-west side, illuminates and heats considerably the interior.

Joy of living here

It’s perfect for people who appreciate huge spaces. An extraordinary layout of space and rooms will make a great impression on more than one friend visiting us.


A very big, almost 40-metre terrace on the upper floor is available not only from two adjoining bedrooms but also for all occupants as well as guests from a hall.


It’s an ideal place for meetings with family and friends.

Pleasure coming from usage

A spacious living room combined with dining room is an excellent place for meetings with friends or organization of family celebration.


A master bedroom with separate closet and bathroom improves much more comfort of usage and emphasizes distinctive character of the building.

Horizontal windows in a master bedroom and bathroom give bigger sense of privacy, and, at the same time, they lighten slightly and care about energy-efficiency.

Exclusive character

E3 constitutes an ideal building for people appreciating exceptional and uncompromising solutions. It’s excellent

for a four-person family who desire open spaces and the unique house which will stand out among other buildings in its surrounding housing development.