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House open to the sun

Distinctive character

‘House open to the Sun’- it’s a good description of this building.


E2 attracts our attention by its interesting form and modernist architecture. 


The house blends in perfectly with the surrounding landscape and, at the same time, it stands out from the surrounding reality.

Perfect harmony with nature

With proper design, E2 is a very good solution for energy-efficient and low-energy construction industry. 


Big quantity of glazings on the south and east sides of the building and their lack on the north side emphasize its energy efficiency. What’s more, glass panels illuminate the building in a natural way making the house more attractive and unique.

Incredible climate

By unconventional layout of rooms, two-bedroom night zone is separated from day zone, keeping very high functionality. 


Additionally, a huge terrace is a great place for meetings with family and friends.


Possibility to exchange a game room for a bedroom is a real asset in case of newborn baby’s arrival.

Abundance and diversity of possibilities

E-2 is a good example of an energy-efficient building. It is an ideal solution for people expecting something special from their house.

It’s a perfect choice for young family thinking about the future.