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Sophistication and modernity

Positive emotions from the very beginning

Sophistication and modernity are perfect definitions of this building. Interesting body highlights even more a modern style of the building.


This house is perfectly suitable for people looking for bold design, created to attract attention and elicit positive emotions.


Even more light in Your life

E1 is a well-illuminated building. Large glazed area makes the building and its interior light and spacious.


Due to using covered porches, the building is not exposed to overheating coming from  sun rays.


Large glazings on the south side allow to heat the building in winter season at the same time.

Functionality in use

Practical layout of rooms makes the building very functional in use. And, location of utility rooms on the north side creates natural heat buffer. 


A spacious living room combined with dining area constitutes the central part of the day zone and the whole building. It is an area around which family life will take place. E1 is divided into two zones in a very interesting and functional way: day and private ones.



Sophistication and modernity

Part of the elevation has been set back deep into the body of the building, which makes a perfect example how to protect the interior against overheating in a passive way. Moreover, timber elevation, which is set back, creates beautiful covered porch functioning as a great place for relaxation and family meetings. 

It’s great for  young family who desire the elegance of the building and functionality of its interior.

It’s excellent for a small family but not only...