Individualism is an architect of development but everyday life is its builder

If you expect something more…

Individual houses:

Have you already had an idea how your house should look like, and  are you looking for somebody to carry out your design ? 


Do you want your house to stand out from others?


Are you an individualist and do you expect unusual and expressive solutions in all aspects of your future house? QMetters will do it for you.


We will design your dreamt house and carry out your building design with a total commitment. 

Small architecture:

Are you already a house owner but you need to build an additional garage or a utility room?


Don’t you have enough space to store tools and bikes?


And maybe a small house to play for your children?


Apart from apartment buildings, QMetters also deals with prefabrication of garages, utility buildings and other buildings of different purpose, in accordance with your own design or investor’s design.

Development area:

Do you want to build housing estate of detached or multifamily houses? Do you think  highly of modernity and energy-efficiency? Do you care about quick execution, maintaining high quality standards at the same time? Do you have limited financial outlays to carry out a building design? QMetters technology will allow you to reduce costs. What’s more, it will make lead time of investment considerably shorter, maintaining the highest quality standards.

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