A wide range of opportunities instead of restrictions

  • 117m2
    the price from… 1340 €/1m2
    the price from… 1210 € /1m2
  • 174m2
    the price from… 1095 € /1m2
    the price from… 1050 € /1m2

Strength and resistance

All materials used by Ecoline are eco-friendly  and natural. As a result, already beneficial microclimate of a building is improved. Requirements for material properties are becoming higher and higher in the modern building industry. KVH structural timber,  made from high-quality spruce, definitely covers all these requirements.
Because of its properties and high resistance, KVH structural timber is a perfect response to high requirements of  prefabricated building systems of  QMetters.

Natural protection of your house

Mineral wool, used in Ecoline, is high quality material ranking among environmentally-friendly materials. With its perfect thermal and acoustic properties, mineral wool is one of the most commonly used materials in the whole construction sector. 
Because of high vapor permeability, non-flammability  and  hydrophobicity, mineral wool becomes especially important in prefabricated  buildings.

We created three Ecoline standards of wide variety of solutions. Make them become more individual so as nothing will limit you.

Ecoline comprises three standards: Elite, Exclusive and Elegance.

All these standards are characterized by their rich exterior finishing and internal technical installations. And, they comply with the strict European Union requirements concerning energy-efficient building industry.

Buildings of QMetters already at the very beginning provide numerous reasons for satisfaction

System technology of QMetters is based on heavy framework made of KVH structural timber. As a result, the building is only slightly lighter than its brick equivalent. All components are prefabricated in a production hall where the temperature remains constant. As a result, they are not so prone to changeable  atmospheric phenomena. Prefabricated products are characterized by great precision and high quality of workmanship.

Availability map of Ecoline:

Below map presents countries where Ecoline is available:
Portugal Spain
Gibraltar Andorra
France     Monaco
Luxemburg Belgium
Netherlands Switzerland
Liechtenstein     Italy 
Germany Austria
Great Britain     Ireland
Norway Sweden
Finland     Denmark




Pricelist of Ecoline:


Ecoline standards: Elegance Exclusive Elite
Heat transfer coefficient: U=0,13 W/m2*K  U=0,11 W/m2*K  U=0,09 W/m2*K


The price per square metre depending on the size of living area  Elegance Exclusive Elite
Above 200 m2 Individual Individual Individual
150 m2 - 199 m2 from 999 € from 1199 € from 1399 €
100 m2 - 149 m2 from 1199 € from 1299 € from 1599 €
80 m2 - 99 m2 from 1399 € from 1599 € from 1799 €




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